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Here at Little Angels we know the importance of nutrition,
especially for children.

We are happy, and excited to offer homemade, nutritious, and healthy meals.
All of our ingredients are certified organic, and as a bonus :) during the summer our veggies and greens are grown in our Little Angels garden, and hand picked by the kids.


Breakfast - Lunch - Snack

  Breakfast consist of: Fruits, cereal, milk, bread or muffins.
Lunch may vary, but it always consist of:
a variety of veggies, rice, and a vegetarian option for protein. Some options you would see on our lunch menu would be: zucchini, broccolis, potato, green beans, corn, peas, chick peas, pinto beans, black beans,  carrots...
Snack consist of: A variety of fruits, and/or veggies, and crackers


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