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Our Schedule

Infant Schedule (newborn to 9 months old): At this age babies have their own schedule, so we follow their own sleep/eat schedule as needed. We add stretch, motor skills development activities, and tummy time to our daily schedule between nap & feeding time.
*All our cribs has an individual camera where we watch closely how your baby is doing during naps, the exact time when they fall asleep/woke up, and all this information will be posted to you daily in the Brightwheel app.

Young Toddlers (10+ months old) / Toddler Schedule:
8:00: Drop Off / Free to Play
8:25: Wash our hands / Potty time
8:30: Bottles/Breakfast
9:00: Clean Up/Potty Time/Diaper change
9:05: 1st Nap (For babies that still takes 2 naps a day)
9:15: Outdoor Activities (Weather Permit) :  Playground, Gardening, Drawing with chalks, Water toys, Bicycles, Outdoor games, Balls… Or Jungle gym (Our indoor gym)
10:00: Arts & crafts, Playdoh, Painting, Cooking, Didactic Activities: Alphabet/Shapes/Numbers...
11:00 Cleanup/Washing Hands/Diaper Change
11:15: Lunch time
11:45/12:00: Clean up/Potty Time/ Diaper change
12:15: Story Time
12:30: Nap time for everyone / 2nd Nap for babies who still takes 2 naps
*At this time toddlers are all placed in the Nap room for quiet/nap time and teachers are constantly checking on the kids as they sleep. Kids that will not fall asleep will still have one hour of quiet time, then will be directed to quiet activities: reading books, coloring, puzzles... For the remaining of quiet time.
3:00: Wake up time for kiddos that are still asleep
3:05:  Cleanup/Potty Time/Diaper change
3:15: Pm snack 
3:30: Circle time/Music time/Dance time/ Jungle gym 
4:00: Free to Play
5:00: Parents Pick up

 *Diapers are checked through the day, and changed as needed, not only at diaper changes on the schedule
  *Potty Trainers will be asked to go potty as often as:  1 X per hour to try to go potty.

 *We (Kids and teachers) wash our hands pretty often: Before/After meals, after potty time/diapers, after playing outside, crafts activities, or any other time as needed.

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